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Nancy Douglas Joyner, PhD.

Nancy Douglas Joyner is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Joyner became a civil celebrant in 2016 after the unexpected passing of her son. All of the money that is accumulated from the marriages is a tax-deductible donation made to the Team Joyner Foundation. She has performed more than 600 marriages.


Dr. Joyner earned her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Southeastern Louisiana University. Her master of arts degree in International Affairs was earned from Florida State University. In 1973, she completed her doctorate degree in Government from Florida State University where she and her late husband

Dr. Christopher Clayton Joyner were co-directors of the Center for Peace and Environmental Studies. She is the author of Aerial Hijacking as an International Crime.

Dr. Joyner had been Dean and Executive Director of the Lutheran College Washington Consortium for twenty-five years. The consortium is a group of thirteen Lutheran affiliated colleges and universities across the United States. She has designed and directed the Lutheran College Washington Semester, a residential semester long internship program. She retired from this position in 2017.



Dr. Joyner has also created an endowment in memory of her brother Doug Douglas, a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University. The Doug Douglas Endowed Professorship in Innovative Teaching was completed in 2013. An additional endowment, the Dr. Christopher C. Joyner Endowed Prize for the Outstanding Student in International Law at Georgetown University, was completed in late 2015. Nancy Joyner is the mother of Kristin Joyner and Clayton Joyner. 


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